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Adam Bielawski
Chicago, IL

Veteran: United States Navy Electronic Warfare Technician 3rd Class (1987-1992) Uss Ouellet (FF-1077)

Education: Western Illinois University (1996); Richard J. Daley College (1994)

Occupation: American Bar Association - Technology Specialist

Hobbies: Photography; Concerts; Web Design; Comics

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Adam Bielawski Navy Bootcamp photo (1987)
Adam Bielawski (US Navy 1992)

Adam in 1992, taken about 1 month before my discharge from the USN.
Adam Bielawski at Ozzfest (2004)

A few recent photos taken by my friend Dan Locke at this years Ozzfest 2004 on August 21, 2004

Adam August 2002

Something more current in August of 2002.  Whew gained a few lbs since I left the Navy.
Adam Bielawski (2015)

In 2015...

A little about myself.

I was born in New Britain, CT and later moved to Chicago at about age 5. Shortly afterwards, my sister and I went to live with my grandmother in Białystok, Poland. We lived there for over a year and returning somewhere before the bicentennial in 1776. My mother told me that during those years in school I had to relearn English. I was put back into the first grade by the Chicago public school system (Nightingale Grammar School 52nd/Rockwell); because I did not speak any English. It took me a few years but I believe by the time I was in 3rd grade I was able to communicate both in Polish and English. Unfortunately, now I was a year older than the rest of my class mates. We moved around through my grammar years attending Nativity BVN 2nd through 5th (68th/California), then Five Holy Martyrs School from 7th through 8th (43rd/Richmond). I attended St Laurence High School during my freshman year and then Curie High School for the remainder. During my HS years, I was ranked in the 10% of my class. Our family financial status could not afford me to stay more than 1 year in St Laurence, hence back to the Chicago Public School system. I experienced the benefits of both schools systems, the private and public sector, and I wish our family could have afforded my education at St. Laurence. I do not have many good things to say about the public high school (Curie) administration or the system. I had great teachers but the system was not supportive of students. I never had an opportunity to meet a counselor, the best I can remember is that I was doing well and turned away by the counselor for under-performers. I wanted to know about college, but the administration did not provide that to me. So through my friend I looked for guidance and met a U.S. Navy Counselor (recruiter). That is another presentation that is only part truth to young men and women about college at the time. Today, I am very proud to have served and hold Veterans dearly and my fellow crewmates.

I joined the U.S. Navy, after my high school graduation in 1987. Majority of my enlistment was served on the USS Ouellet out of Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. My rating was Electronic Warfare Technician Third Class. I loved the job and all duties that came along. I enjoyed my enlistment, have fond memories, and friends that last today. Our mission was part of the US Navy electronic intelligence program and our duties were to intercept electronic emissions (radar signals), evaluation, and analysis. By knowing one or two emissions from a military platform (ship) you can almost pinpoint the type of platform, and even the actual hull number and name. This was an exciting field, I can honestly say, “I loved it.” I felt that when we were out at sea we were always the first line of defense for our unit and our Navy. We were also a team, what I consider a real team. Over the years I have went through many team building courses, but the only true team was what I had in the Navy. A group of the brightest individuals, working, living and socializing together; we are brothers to this day. I personally believe, if you were not in the military, you can never experience what a true team and teamwork really is. A management book or course can explain it to you but it's not complete. In the civilian community, you can always at the end of the day go home. A team and teamwork is only true in the military (and close organizations such as family, scouts, etc.)

This is where photography sparked my interest. I was trained as an intelligence photographer for my unit, a fun experience that taught me the use of a 35mm camera; the Canon F1. After being Honorably Discharged in March of 1992, I went to school and attended a Richard J. Daley College for my AA/AS and then proceeded to Western Illinois University. I spent 2 1/2 years at WIU pursuing a Degree in Computer Science. CS was my major but I enjoyed photography and multimedia and considered it as my minor as well as Business. When my scheduled allowed; I took several courses and studied under Dr. Chris Lantz.

I was a freelance photographer for the Western Courier, the campus newspaper paper. Assignments I enjoyed were the ones for musical acts. Some of the acts I shot were Material Issue, Saigon Kick,Toad the Wet Sprocket and visiting comics, needed photos and University Speakers.

I love photography as much as working with computer technology and as time permits love to learn new concepts. Currently, I still pursue my enjoyment of photography and new concepts are introduced. By photographing entertainers it gives great pleasure not just as a fan but as a photographer. Trying to achieve a perfect picture of a person(s) can be the hardest art in the field of photography. You want to capture emotions, enthusiasm, and beauty. Sometimes that one shot is worth all the work and expenses. This is a skill that every day I practice and try to perfect.

Adam Bielawski

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